As a scientist funded by public funds, I feel in debt to the public and obliged to share the results of my research to the general public in the best way I can communicate them. Sometimes this has been through press releases when I consider a particular result could be of interest to the general public, and sometimes through interviews to journalists specialised in scientific journalism to write an article related to my research. Below you can find links to press releases and articles

Articles by me

“¿Quién trajo el agua?”, article written in spanish and published by the non-profit organization Fundación Mar Adentro

Press releases

“Astronomers detect gas released in a giant planetary collision”, based on Nature paper. Coverage by The Independent , The Daily Mail, among others.
“Shadows cast by a warp in a planet forming system”, coverage by,,, among others.
"First evidence of icy comets orbiting a sun-like star", coverage by,, Daily Mail, LA times, IFL science, among others.

Mentions in articles

"How Did the TRAPPIST-1 Planets Get Their Water?" by Matt Williams at Universe Today
"Comet-Blasted Star May Be a Rerun of the Solar System’s Birth" by Nola Taylor Redd at Scientific American
"Scientists investigate debris disc in a nearby planetary system" by Tomasz Nowakowski at